Aim & Scope

About this journal

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Bulletin is an academic interdisciplinary open access journal which provides an opportunity to explore the latest and most advanced studies regarding the current development of genuine biomaterials and novel trends in tissue engineering. Considering the principles of life science, material engineering, regenerative medicine and modern health-care practice, biomaterials are nonviable complex systems that interact with living organisms, in order to encourage their proper biological functions. Likewise, tissue engineering retains the use of concepts from the above mentioned fields and acknowledges the tremendous impact that stem cells and progenitor cells havein modern personalized medicine, in order to develop biological substitutes that improve, maintain or restore tissue or organ function.

Aim & Scope

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Bulletin (BTEB) is a broad-based international journal which aims to publish exciting and original full research papers and review papers with respect to the latest and advanced studies in the field of biomaterials and tissue engineering. The scope of BTEB is to organize and highlight original papers concerning the development and physical, chemical and biological characterization of biomaterials, as well as the prediction and examination of their potential applications in biomedical research (considering thus the in vitro and in vivo preclinical studies). Submitted original papers should bring a significant contribution in terms of understanding, development and application of modern principles in present-day health-care practice.

The BTEB journal covers all key aspects of the following domains:

  • Synthesis, characterization and biomedical potential of metallic, ceramic, polymeric, composites and hybrid biomaterials
  • Physical, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and toxicological features of biomaterials
  • Studies regarding the interactions between biomaterials and biological systems
  • Design biomaterials for modern diagnosis and therapeutic clinical practice (bioimaging, biosensing, biotherapy)
  • Drug delivery, protein delivery, gene delivery, prodrugs, molecular biopharmaceutics
  • Design, development, refinement and biomedical impact of tissue scaffolds regarding hard and soft tissue engineering
  • Promoting the concept of personalized treatment for different types of pathological conditions in the evolutionary context of modern medicine
  • Advanced and innovative trends in health-care practice
  • All aspects of tissue engineering
  • Organ fabrication
  • Tissue printing
  • Cell seeded matrices
  • Clinical outcomes of engineered tissue implantation
  • Cell-based therapies